i need to upload new pics without the USBtinyISP please

by circat on Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:22 am

Hey Folks ,

i ordered 2 Spoke Povs , one for my girlfriendz bday :) it arrived , i soldered it,workz ! fine. :D Great work by adafruit.
i was shure that i can change the pictures with my normal USB AVR Stick. ( Diamex-AVR USB ISP ) or with my Arduino as an ISP.

.i did different µController Projects with this tools and worked with attinys and other µCs...wrote the minipov code byself to the attiny,etc..... i use AVR Studio most time.


is it impossible to take the attiny or the EEPROM out of the board and write new pics to it ?
if yes : why ?
if no : how can i do it ? i guess the original programmer software only will work with the adafruit-isp ?
i need a......RED HEART for my girlfriendz bike ;)

to order the tinyisp would need 3 weeks and duty,etc....they took 12€ duty extra :evil: cant afford at the moment :(
snd the gift has to be finished on the next saturday... :/

thank you all , funny makerz and electric fairys :lol:
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Re: i need to upload new pics without the USBtinyISP please

by adafruit on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:35 pm

only the spokepov dongles will work, no other devices
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