by josheeg on Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:01 am

I seen the video today on lazor cut sheet stencil and wonder... has anyone tried here the inject solder paste with the blunt tip syringe needle?
What paste works good and what tips because I don't have a cnc or lazor cutter to make stencils yet mylar and exacto maby... :)

This set was mentioned on rep rap and would like advice before I build the 3 motor driver 2.3 boards I got from makerbot.

Here are the motor drivers I bought for a 3 axis linux cnc machine controled by the printer port... too bad the motor driver board doen't have the same I and O to do this but it is better for what it is for. It doen't match with my newbie ness to linux cnc. ... Driver_2_3
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