16x32 RGB display is a different version?

by tdg8934 on Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:32 am

I originally ordered a 16x32 RGB display from Adafruit when they were first offered a few months ago. It came with a positve and negative post to screw wires onto for power (as shown in the Adafruit tutorial).

I ordered another 16x32 RGB display as I also ordered their FPGA and got it working but wanted to do more with these displays.

I noticed the new 16x32 RGB display was a little bit different. It has a snap in connector for (2) +5vdc and (2) Grounds and not the 2 metal screw posts as shown in the tutorial. It also came with a snap in cable. I am using a cut power connector (as shown in the tutorial) to connect this to the 10A 5vdc power supply I bought all from Adafruit. I also bought some longer IDC cables from EBAY as the ones that come with it are way too short. I was able to rig up the new cable between what I had using the cut power connector but it's a bit messy with different connectors.

However, what I really liked was the new display also came with 4 very strong magnetic screw posts. Great idea!

Can I buy more of these magnetic screw posts for my orginal display? I really like these but only having 4 between 2 displays makes it difficult. I currently have them magnetically mounted in a 32x32 form on a non-stick round cake pan for working purposes.

Let me know!!! I will probably buy more displays and great Adafruit products. Also I love the "premium" wires they have compared to the slightly cheaper solderless breadboard bundled wires. Great ideas are flowing at Adafruit.

Tim Gilmore
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Re: 16x32 RGB display is a different version?

by tdg8934 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:53 pm

These magnetic screw posts are refered to as mounting magnets or pot magnets. The Adafruit ones are 0.466" from top of the head to the top of the screw and 0.192" (~3/16") for the length of the screw. The scew portion is M3-0.5 thread from what I measured.

Since Adafruit doesn't sell these I found one company that sold something similar. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MM-C-12

I ordered 8 of them for 4 for each of my displays. They don't have standoffs for additional height but I should be able to locate those in town for M3 screw size.
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