by Psynthetik on Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:36 pm

After all these years of wanting a 303 I finally decided to buy a xoxbox after hearing so many good things and hearing how good they sound. I ended up getting mine from xoxshop and it just came in the mail today and it looks unreal!!! :D My only problem and right now its a big one, is the power adapter that is coming (I live in Canada) isn't going to be here for a couple of weeks. So my question is, I found one that is 9vac 1a and not 500ma, will that be ok or should I wait for the proper one? I was under the impression that a device only draws what it needs but I read somewhere that the 1a might blow some capacitors. Thanks

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by Altitude on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:35 am

The problem is that a 1A rated 9VAC trafo may put out way more than 9VAC at half (probably a third in reality) load. It might be OK, might not, depends on the transformer. PPl use 12VAC ones without issue though so the only real way to figure it out is to try it. Personally, I doubt it will be an issue
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by openchallenge on Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:25 pm

This one works. I highly recommend using correct power supplies. A popped cap is the easiest thing that can go wrong. Even if it seems to work right now it could lead to a slow failure that skunks everything.

Too much power equals additional heat that the device is not designed to dissipate. As electronics cook they slowly become more of an impedance. That means They can create more heat and have began to devour itself. I had some power supplies and gear burn because I used whatever worked in the early 90's. Just some BOSS stuff with power supplies that where off by a few volts or 500ma. Once smoke starts coming out of the gear you wish you spent the $10.
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by Psynthetik on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:44 pm

Thanks for the replies. That adapter you suggested is the one that I ordered and am waiting o delivery. The 1a adapter is basically only being used until the proper one gets here. It's very hard to sit and stare at the xox and not use it! I think I'll just hold off tho as I'd hate to risk blowing something then it will be even longer to use it than just waiting for the proper one. Until then I will sit and wait very unpatiently!!!!!
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by SineSurfer on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:55 pm

Hi there, my two cents, with personal real experience.

Some time ago I was told this works something like this:

Less amperage than needed means the power supply may be giving power below the hardware requirements thus causing malfunctions in the circuit, most probably nothing will burn( maybe too sensitive components can burn in this conditions?), but your hardware will not work as it is supposed to, go too low and it may not even turn on :).

Higher amperage rating means only that the power supply can feed more components/circuits/devices without trouble, but usually the power supplies are designed to support just a little bit more than needed because of cost of parts and to save you some $ in electricity bills.

So, going with bigger amperage should be safe while you keep the voltage at the required specifications. I have done this without any problems in a couple of synths and other stuff as I can't get psu with exact values so easily in my town.

About voltage, if you go low, your device may not even turn on or if it does, it probably will behave erratically. Actually some manufacturers take advantage of this in their devices(some pedal effects and tube amps I think).

BUT... if your feed your device with more voltage than needed, you risk your device getting damaged as the extra voltage needs to go somewhere
, usually as heat, and extra heat will damage components in time. I Also have done this, running into problems of course hehee, had to replace my mb6582 lcd after burning it by feeding 5v instead of the 3v it needed. So... don't ever go with a psu with higher voltage than required!

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by veracohr on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:22 pm

Psynthetik wrote:So my question is, I found one that is 9vac 1a and not 500ma, will that be ok or should I wait for the proper one?

You're fine with that. The build manual says the transformer is 9V, 300-500mA. A transformer rated at 1A more than covers this. A higher rated transformer means it can SUPPLY that much current; the circuit drawing it (in this case the x0x) determines how much WILL be drawn. A power supply with a current rating over what is needed won't damage anything.

Improper VOLTAGE is where you can run into trouble, but if x0x users have used 12V transformers without problem, well there you go. The x0x takes an AC input and has an onboard DC supply, so perhaps it can tolerate some variation. You wouldn't want to try this with something that took a DC input.
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